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Order the Lady's address from us, then write to her directly. We will send you addresses in both English and Russian Cyrillic on one address label. We will also include her telephone number if the Lady has a private telephone. When you write to the Lady, we strongly recommend that you send a certified letter!

All International mail addressed to Belarus, is sent to the capital city of our country, Minsk. It is then sorted and processed at the central post office, and sent by airplane or train to the intended city. Normally, mail to Vitebsk, Brest, Gomel, Grodno, and Mogilev, takes 3-7 days. It takes this same amount of time for mail from these cities to Minsk.

If we have an airplane that is going to your country, the mail is sent with that plane. If we have no airplanes to a country, (Australia as an example), then mail must first go to Warsaw, Poland and then by airplane to the intended country.

We know of some ladies who did not receive letters from their foreign men. We are sorry, but those letters were not sent as Registered, Certified, or Express mail. Maybe those letters were lost... Maybe those letters were opened because money or valuables were there... Maybe those letters were thrown in the trash.

We would not like for your letters to be lost too!

Please! It costs a little more, but your lady will enjoy all of your thoughts and attention, and give you her love and devotion, if your letters are mailed the Safest Way.

Prices for Addresses
Volume discounts are cumulative, i.e. 4 addresses = $28
Includes one free! English only email letter, (limit 200 words) to each lady in your order.

  1Address @$9.00 ea
2-3Addresses @$8.00 ea
4-6Addresses @$7.00 ea
7-9Addresses @$6.00 ea
10-20Addresses @$5.00 ea

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Additional Services

Personal Services
Personal Search:  We will organize an extensive search for the lady of your dreams. Simply send us your requirements.Price:  $300
Your advertisement in a newspaper:  Place an ad about yourself in the newspaper "Vitebsky Kurier" (in the classification "I am looking for you").Price:  $20.00
Photos and Videos
Photo of a girl.Price:  $5
each photo
Video:  According to your order, we can make a 15 minute film of your lady. Price includes regular postal mail delivery.Price:  $75
Video + Interview:  This service will allow you to not only see how your lady acts and moves, but to hear her voice. This 15 minute film is a communication with the lady in the presence of interpreter, who in free conversation, asks the lady questions, the answers to which you want to hear. Price includes Express Mail Delivery (7-10 days)Price:  $100
Miscellaneous Services
Delivery of Presents: Your lady will be fascinated if you give her a small present, and attention. (Flowers + Sweets + Champagne) or something else? You can make your proposals.Price:  $25
plus cost of presents
E-mail Forwarding: You can send your lady friend a message, and receive a message from her. Volume messages: $40 for 10 messages, $70 for 20 messages.Price:  $5.00
1 message
Registered Mail Delivery: Send your email message and know with certainty that it was received. All mail sent Registered must be signed for or returned to sender.Price:  $5.00
1 letter
Translation services:Price:  $5.00
ea. 1000 characters
ICQ Chat:Price:  $10.00
ea. 15 minutes
Trip to Vitebsk
Meet and deliver at the airport in Minsk:Price:  $200
Excursions: Vitebsk, Local-History Museum, Museum of Mark Chagall Price:  $100
Reserve hotel:Price:  $30
Personal interpreter:Price:  $10
per hour
Car with driver:Price:  $8
per hour

CREDIT CARD:Payment Options

Postal Mail: Ordering and Payment Instructions


I understand that Dialog-Irina and K & I  Productions (d.b.a. Savva La Belle) are only providing an information service and cannot be responsible for the outcome of any encounter. I agree to hold Dialog-Irina, K & I  Productions, and their officers and employees, from and against any claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages or expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from the user's use of or participation in this service or the information contained thereon. My payment confirms my acceptance of these terms.

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