It is now  9:54 pm  Tuesday,  April  17, 2001  in Belarus

Political Parties and Leaders

The democratization of politics in Belarus has led to the formation of a multi-party system. The current government position is that, acting within the framework of the Constitution, political parties allow the will of people to be more fully expressed, leading to greater participation in elections and a broader consensus of public opinion. For this reason, political parties in Belarus have the right to use state mass media.

The Constitution bans the creation and activity of political parties or other public associations which pursue the aim of forcible change of the constitutional system or advocate war or other forms of national, religious or racial strife. The activities of political parties in Belarus are regulated by appropriate legislation.

As of 1 February 1996, the Ministry of Justice had registered 34 political parties. The largest of them are the Communist Party, the Agrarian Party, the Belarussian Social-Democratic "Gramada", and the United Democratic Party. Sixteen political parties hold seats in the 13th convocation of the Supreme Soviet. Listed below, in English alphabetical order, are the top 20 political parties in Belarus, and their leaders.

Belarusian Christian-Democratic Unity (BKDZ)Petr SILKO
Belarusian Communist Party (KPB)Vasiliy NOVIKOV, Viktor CHIKIN, chairmen
Belarusian Labor Party (BPP)Aleksandr BUKHVOSTOV
Belarusian National Front (BNF)Zenon POZNYAK, chairman
Belarusian Patriotic Movement (BPR)Anatol BARANKEVICH
Belarusian Peasants Party (BSP)Yevgeniy LUGIN, chairman
Belarusian Socialist Party (SPB)Vyacheslav KUZNETSOV
Belarusian Social-Democratic Gramada (SDBG)Alex TRUSOV
Belarusian Social Sports PartyVladimir ALEKSANDROVICH
Ecological PartyAleksiy MIKULICH
Green Party of BelarusMikalay KARTASH
Liberal-Democratic Party (LDPB)Vasiliy KRIVENKA
National Democratic Party of Belarus (NDPB)Victor NAVUMENKA
Party of All-Belarusian Unity and Concord (UPNAZ)Dmitriy BULAKOV
Party of People's ConcordGennadiy KARPENKO
Polish Democratic Union (PDZ)Konstantin TARASEVICH
Republican Party of Labor and JusticeAnatol NETSILKIN
Slavic Assembly (SAB)Nikolai SYARECHEV
United Agrarian PartySemen SHARETSKIY
United Democratic Party of Belarus (ADPB)Aleksandr DOBROVOLSKIY