It is now  7:13 am  Tuesday,  June  19, 2001  in Belarus


Belarus' climate is transitional between continental and maritime, its warm summers and cold winters being influenced by both the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Temperatures average from 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit (17.5 degrees Celsius) in July to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celsius) in January. Annual precipitation averages 21.5 inches (546 mm) to 27.3 inches (693 mm).

In general, the best time to visit is May-September, when the day temperatures are in the 70s-90s (21-37 C), with nights in the 50s-70s (10-26 C). Spring and early fall, however, are unpredictable; snow flurries and temperatures in the mid-20s (-5 C) are possible as late as May or as early as September.